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If our dentist determines that Invisalign is not for you, you can always use traditional metal braces. This type of braces is a more affordable, yet higher-maintenance option, but there are many other teeth straightening alternatives to choose from:

  • Clear ceramic braces: They function just like traditional braces, but instead of metal brackets, these have clear or tooth-colored ones, making them much less obvious and often working much faster than Invisalign.

  • Traditional braces: These are the more commonly used, yet most effective braces, the ones with metal wires and brackets.

  • Palatal expander: This appliance expands the upper jaw so that it easily aligns with the lower one. Usually, this treatment is followed with the use of traditional braces to straighten the teeth.

Forsus appliance: This device is used to correct the jawline of patients whose upper jaw protrudes over the lower one, align the teeth, and significantly reduce an overbite, thus promoting healthy jaw growth.